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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  November 21, 2016 11:00am-11:30am MST

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>> if the meeting after meeting for donald trump. today, one of the most surprising gatherings of all. some executives are going to hear from the president-elect about what they've been doing wrong. >> some customers are going after chipotle over one of their burritos. why they said the company has been ingesting way more calories in a wanted you. after a big victory this weekend, and after he came home to find this. which sports legend is cleaning up this practical joke today. and here we go again. the internet is up in arms, over some flip-flops. what color do you think these sandals are? good to have you with us on this monday morning x we are learning
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trump has an unexpected meeting that is going on right now. >> tmz is reporting that president-elect donald trump is now meeting with some big members of the media. sources say he is meeting with all the network heads right now and reportedly will tell them what they did wrong during the campaign. tomorrow, he is expected to do the same with the new york times executives. >> the british government says it is considering inviting the new president-elect for a state visit next state visits typically involve a meeting with queen elizabeth. people magazine reports the queen has met with every single american president since she assumed the throne in 1952, except for lyndon b. johnson. >> today president-elect trump will continue to talk with possible cabinet picks. >> the president-elect's meeting with former texas governor rick perry. perry already arrived at trump towers this morning. sources said she is being
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the defense department, state department were united nations. over the weekend, trump met with several people at his new jersey golf resort -- including former new york later rudy giuliani, new york jersey governor chris christie mitt romney. >> we are learning the national security agency is facing an audit to see if it's effective enough. according to us official, us defense secretary and director of national intelligence have asked president obama to dismiss admiral michael rge in charge of the so-called nsa. president obama has not publicly commented. the pentagon inspector general office says it is looking into the nsa's effectiveness, especially when it comes recent security breaches. >> authorities in france say they have arrested seven people who were allegedly planning a potential terror attacks. the suspects were arrested over the weekend. of he says, six of the seven men were not on the intelligence services of radar previously.
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and from france, morocco in afghanistan. >> the families of passengers that disappeared on malaysia airlines flight 370 are planning to go on a debris hunting mission to madagascar. investigators have identified six pieces of wreckage as definitely or almost certainly from the jet. all were found along the east coast of africa. voice 370, a family group, says there hasn't been a systematic search in the area. they are going to conduct their own search. >> at that decision by the pope this morning. priests will now be allowed to absolve women, who have had abortions. previously only bishops could do that. it comes from a document made public today which also still calls abortion a grave sin. previously, women who had abortions were excommunicated unless a bishop absolve them. catholics were excommunicated
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rights x president obama is back on american soil after a trip to europe and south america. directed the white house this morning on his last trip abroad, the president visited greece, germany and peru. >> we are learning that kanye west has canceled all his tour dates for the rest of the year. according to tmz, west is exhausted and has been working around the clock. so he's canceling that saint pablo to her that was set to run until new year's eve. ticket holders are expected to get a full refunds and reportedly west will launch a second leg of the tour next year. the tour's denver stop was scheduled for this coming monday. good news if you're traveling by air this holiday. workers at one of the busiest airports in the country will not go on strike until after
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the workers at chicago's o'hare airport are asking for higher wages. it includes almost 500 workers, mostly private contractors, including baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, janitors in wheelchair attendants. o'hare is expected to be the busiest airport in the us for thanksgiving travel. the union just announced they will walk off the job next tuesday after the holiday. >> things are going to take a wintry turn again tomorrow. >> chris tomer is outside with mo >> it's a nice lunch hour. the sun is actually out. it is going to take a little bit of time for the storm to roll first through the mountains and eventually into denver. i do expect snow in denver overnight.
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the heaviest snow in the mountains does not arrive until later today and into tonight. that means the arrival in denver could also be later. it is 60 degrees right now. 52 degrees up in fort collins. a couple of rain showers here for the evening rush. and then the mountain snow will pick up and eventually rolling tomorrow morning during the morning rush. there's also a storm for thanksgiving. megan and kirk, coming up. >> if you are hitting the roads this thanksgiving you are not alone. >> millions of people will be driving all over the country this year and there while it might be a little happier. >> jim hooley has a look at the
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megan and kirk, good morning. take a look at the gas prices we have here -- that is the cheapest price we have been able to find. $1.75. that is definitely indicative of what you will find around town as we head into the holiday weekend. take a look at some of the gas is on the way down in the denverre prices have dropped 4 cents over the last week. that will help a lot of people out as they head out the door and jump into their car to head to wherever they are going for the holiday weekend. the roads should be crowded because of that. 49 million americans will be
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and is a 2 percent hike over last year. i thought i was doing pretty well when i pulled up at $2.05 this morning. but a dollar 75 jim hooley, fox 31. $1.77. i can't believe it. coming up, some customers say they were lied to about their burritos. >> they thought a new chipola item was a whole lot less calories than actually was. and they are blaming chipotle for it. >> plus after a big win, one
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welcome back. a beautiful scene out there down in colorado springs. it's a bit cloudy though. we should expect that throughout the day. we had some rain and snow coming later. >> chipotle, in the meantime, is being sued over how the calories they said were inside their new charisse o brito. the denver-based debris said the brito has 300 calories. after some customers -- and a 300 calories are just for the chorizo filling. ship it to police as it will be more clear about its calorie claims for now. >> some good news for renters in denver. prices just keep going according to 'axio-metrics', the average rent in the denver area was
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that's down $31 in july. october marks the third month in a row where rent prices have fallen. but it is up almost 2 percent from last october. >> some retailers have decided not to open their doors on base giving this year. after sales didn't do that will last year. they also say, there is bad publicity we attach to having their plays, and holiday. there are a few big ones that will not be opening on thursday. cabela's, crate and barrel, homm full os on her website at seems like everyone is getting political since election. celebrity's are no exception. >> people are logging off facebook -- celebrities are no exception. some rants and some impressions, putting a few famous faces in hot water today. >> plus, don't put that hat and scarf away yet. it may be warmer now that winter is coming back. make this the best thanksgiving
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make this the best thanksgiving with the best pie in america from village inn. bring home favorites, like pecan and pumpkin supreme. to order your thanksgiving pies, go to call or visit a restaurant today. >> people in alaska preparing to fight over the main name of the mountain. now mckinley was renamed finale in a symbolic gesture towards the native american population. but donald trump says he is changing it back to mckinley. alaskans say they had wanted the
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>> the president-elect wife and son will not be living in the white house with him when he moves then, in january. >> melania and barron trump will stay in new york at least until the end of the school year. >> the inauguration of president-elect donald trump isn't an a few months. today we are learning more about the ceremony. >> motley crew front man vince neil will be perrm own bands. as for what other bands are confirmed, neil says he still is unsure. he is also set to appear on the next season of celebrity apprentice with arnold schwarzenegger starting in january. >> even before canceling his tour dates for the rest of the year, connie west had an unusual performance that included a political rant this weekend. >> he is just one of a few celebrity sounding off about presidential politics this weekend. last week we showed you a video kanye, expressing to a concert
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but if he had, he would have voted for trump. then this weekend, finding a political again during a concert in sacramento is a new world hillary clinton -- at the new world. feelings matter, because guess what? everybody in middle america felt away and they showed you how they felt -- at the new world barack -- if the new world james the [ inaudible ] that was condi and concert in sacramento. he sang two songs -- then dropped the mic, gave that speech and left. today we were to cancel his sunday show after -- altogether. tonya also said that beyonc? one
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video music awards this year, because she supported clinton. >> all right. >> the two hosts of the american music awards did impressions during the award show last night of the president-elect and the next first lady. >> and now they are answering for it. gigi hadid is facing some backlash on twitter over her impression of the melania trump. the cohost pickton axing and
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lady to be. gigi hadid is a supermodel. her cohost was snl's j varela a lot of people do not enjoy those impressions. >> nascar's greatest jimmie johnson had a great big win this weekend. >> he won his seventh sprint cup championship. but when he returned home, he had a little surprise. >> he tweeted this out. looks like some neighbors want to do play a prank on the legendary driver to celebrate. congratulations to jimmie johnson. good luck with that cleanup. i don't think he's out there with a broom. [laughter] is starting to feel a little bit more like winter. we have a winter storm in the forecast. we're not talking about a lot of --
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there are two storms in the forecast. one today and tomorrow and another one for thanksgiving. this is a view down in the san juan. it is still snowing in the san juan's. but it is pretty light right now across colorado. the better snow is going to wait until tonight to hit the mountains. at the same time it will begin to move into the denver area. again, we're still waiting on the better energy which is up. salt lake. it is around the corner and will come in during the night. the radar satellite -- i will stop is at 5:00 p.m. rain showers in green moving in. by 9:00 o'clock p.m., still a
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front range. temperatures will drop as the night goes on. as we move into tomorrow morning, look at this -- this is indicating at 5:00 a.m., rain and snow mixed. in my opinion i think it will turn to snow pretty fast tomorrow morning. at 8:00 a.m. -- it is still falling -- by noon it should be done in moving out of the eastern plains. by 5:00 o'clock p.m. if you are up higher you will get more snow. parker -- castle rock -- movie about 4 inches. a lot of four, six, seven, eight, nine, ten that you start to see the blue shade -- that is where better accumulations will be south and
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46 degrees. by thanksgiving -- another shot at mountain snow. that is going to produce a lot of wind here across the metro. it will be windy and cool on thanksgiving. friday, saturday and sunday -- if looking okay. >> i like the snow. a low dusting tomorrow would be nice. this might make you go crazy. it's another one of those color controversies. >> what colors do you see on these flip-flops? people are battling it out on
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will come back. it is happening again. first there was addressed then the the bad -- now people are fighting over the color of these flip-flops. >> essentially the same optical illusion is the dress. people are fighting over whether they are black or or gold. officially we are told they are in fact blue and black. 's holiday season there is an update on the tradition of the
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>> it's more high-tech way for santa to spy on your kids. >> websites have started selling ornaments with the word santa cam on it. some parents and teachers love the idea, hanging them to remind her kids to be our best behavior this holiday season. others saying at the creepy replacement to all financial. >> i think it's a fun reminder -- santas watching. >> anything to help the parents are. >> when you set your holiday table this year, you might want to include a specific type of cheese. eating aged cheese can help you live longer. that's because it contains high levels of a compound that lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart failure by 40 percent. but researchers do caution that cheese is also high in saturated fat which could cancel out the benefit -- limit cheese 21 to three
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eyed the cheese that comes out of the can. [laughter] a new theme park is opening soon in italy that is being called the disneyland of food. >> the park set to open in bologna in september, is called -- it will spend more than 20 acres, featuring orchards, gardens and farmlands full of produce, can, pigs and more. visitors can also choose to eat at one of the 25 restaurants and even attend 40 different workshops. and among the attractions, there'll be virtual reality experiences. >> endeavor institution is getting in on the mannequin
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? music playing ? rob hall put this together with employees and customers of casa bonita and put on facebook. it's been viewed about 20,000
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- an analyst from chicago, illinois... a music producer and sound editor from bronx, new york... and our returning champion, an attorney from marietta, georgia... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek!


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